Happy Thanksgiving 

Be thankful for family and friends but first be thankful for life! You woke up! 

I don’t have the same family life I’m accustomed to but I still have those that matters most and despite it all I am thankful.

Each day I try to focus more on what I do have than what I don’t have and lately that’s been harder than usual but I push forward because I know brighter days are to come…

Love and Hugs

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What we shared 

I can’t forget and I won’t forget! Maybe the next guy will be the “one”! Maybe? Maybe he can erase my thoughts of you, that warm feeling I get just when I hear your name and even just to see it flash across my screen! 

What we shared wasn’t love and as much as I want to call it that it couldn’t have been…

But damn it was good…

I’ll never forget my fantasy of me and you! 

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Pause and Breathe

I can’t remember taking a long breath! Being Single and a mother and mother who loves their kids more than her own happiness is a lot different from the half ass mothers! Club hoppers and every other month new man coming to meet the kids type…

I have made so many sacrifices for my kids and I thought at this point I could have a bit of happiness for myself! I guess it’s not my time just yet…

I have to make one more huge sacrifice. This one requires a bit of pride and ego adjusting…I will have to walk away from a somewhat lavish lifestyle to start over…


As a mother I refuse to spend my life catering to a man who decided not to accept my kids as a part of me… 

it’s time to breathe…take a step back and focus on me and my future and my happiness…after my divorce I decided I’d never sacrifice my own happiness for someone else but this excludes my kids. I prefer to set their future up and pour my all into them than me….for now but yes at some point I must live and be happy too…

But I can’t possibly be honest with myself and say I can love a man who doesn’t fully accept my children…so all bets off!

Damn…maybe my ex was right I have to many morals and standards and expectations!

Or maybe I just need to be patient and breathe and wait until I meet that man that can reach my standards…and I can equally reach his…we must be equally yoked! 

My heart is beating fast…I won’t lie I’m not super excited about this phase…but I’m Bossing up to take that leap….




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Sample of Sex

Ooh so you want to lay me down and slide between my legs? And then what? Been down this road before…the chase will be over and then we will need more to keep us interested…so how do I do that with a man who is a exposed to new p$&@y every day! 

Only stimulating his mind and heart can keep him interested because sex and looks are so temporary! But first I need to know if he is even intellectually capable of that type of communication with me. Can we hold a conversation? …wait mommy duties call I have to finish this later 

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Unleash the handcuffs

As I watch a good man pass me by I wonder if it’s time I unleash my handcuffs. I’ve held myself, my heart hostage long enough and I’m ready to be free and love again and be loved. 
Wait I say that but mentally I’m not sure that I’m there…I feel I need to have restraint so I do go so strong into it…oh my life has become so complicated once I became a divorced woman…years later and I’m still so very lost!

Ladies don’t ever think the Single life is where is at and if your girlfriends tell you it is ask them to take off that mask and I promise you in most cases you feel find a lonely lost woman who has been hurt and have convinced herself that she was made to be alone and/or she is not worthy of being loved…

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It’s me not Men!

When I sit and think about my past encounters with men I’ve loved or liked a lot I wonder what went wrong! Then today I realized it’s not them but me who keep making the same mistakes. Often in in love with the idea of me and that man being happy together or either I’m giving too much of myself and recently too early.

Sometimes it’s not about the other person but us who needs to be evaluated!

Trying to fill a void in my life too soon and the wrong way…

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Legs in the air!

I’ll be blogging all next week be ready

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Posted by on September 4, 2016 in Life

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