Legs in the air!

I’ll be blogging all next week be ready

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Posted by on September 4, 2016 in Life


Are you my daddy

The moment you say you aren’t looking for love or lust it finds you again! But this time I’m more controlled as I’m so focused on being a new mommy and there isn’t anything else that I take more serious…

Buttttt every mommy needs some down time and I mean down! Lol 

I don’t want my baby exposed to stray men my older kids only know of two men their father and the dude I was engaged to…I just don’t believe in women bringing every man they get involved with around their children…

And especially with this baby because she only know of me as mommy! When she meet a man and he is in daddy role I need to be sure it’s a safe and permanent fixture in her life…. Until then my night life is limited and kept very private. 

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Posted by on August 3, 2016 in Life


Run away Train

The crush hit me like a run away train! I can’t move, paralyzed by his touch! His tongue warms my inner soul! This isn’t love it’s just a crush…as I’m crushing all over and down him I keep saying this isn’t love! And like the song I keep saying I hope it’s not too much.

But I know it is…I see the fear in his eyes when he can’t stay away from me and when the chemistry sparks like an electrical fire! 

No one can save us…we enjoy the rush! It’s just a little crush💋

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Posted by on July 26, 2016 in Life


I’m a New Mom!

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been busy with my new daughter! God always know how to slow me down a step a two! One thing about me is when it comes to raising children I take it very serious and nothing comes before that! 

Anyways, I haven’t had much time to focus on a man. Funny thing is I’m not as interested in going through the motions. Now I know many of you are confused right now…new daughter and no man?! How did that happen? Lol 

You just figure that part out…but yes I’ve been enjoying this blessing that have came into my life! And if a man comes along I won’t close the door in his face but for now I’m not throwing a tantrum that I’m alone. Nor am I running out for late night booty calls…got that out my system and I’m just worth way more than that! 

Anyways just thought I’d check in

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He can see

The day our eyes met! One of very few men actually see me…they see a fat ass a pretty smile and what they call a sexy walk…they don’t see me…
but he seen me! he looked at me!
I in return seen him…and of course as a woman I could see more of him than he see of himself…
Sometimes women lust for attention but as we mature we crave for more we yearn to be seen!
only one who really see us can appreciate who we really are!


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Don’t leave me

I don’t want you to leave but I know you can’t stay…
My head is full of thoughts, feelings and words
But my mouth refuse to say…
I’m not trying to be poetic but every encounter with you is like poetry…
We speak fluently thru body language
Chemistry that no other man can formulate 
I tried to move on but I can’t, I leave in mind but my body and heart is grounded. 
You own my most valuable asset and I’m not sure you know it’s worth…
You see I don’t want you to leave but I know you can’t stay…
Yet I don’t want to stay but I can’t leave…
In a confused state is where we are so if you can’t understand this letter then maybe you’ve never been torn between your mind and heart! 


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Dear Piper!

I believe that a woman heart and mind should agree that the man is right for her soul. Right now mine are in war with each other…Sadly I have to follow my mind based off of experience. Many will say follow your heart but how many homeless heartbroken women listen to that theory? 

I know right?! So soon after we spent numerous hours of love making…I can still feel your presence still smell your cologne. But I must walk away…

I never told you because I knew you couldn’t reciprocate but I love you…I was in love you from the moment we met…

In a woman lifetime she only meet one soul mate?! Right? I’m not sure and honestly I don’t think you are my soul mate but our chemistry is off the charts…I’ve never felt anything like it. We make ppl uncomfortable when we are in a room together and they don’t even know why…lol

So why must I walk away?! Because we are in two different places in life and maybe I just follow too many unwritten rules…but I’m not sure you choose me…you can’t help but be in love with the twirl…I’m good! Wink

But beyond the bedroom I need more…my man must adore me and only see me…I can’t be fighting for your attention…

I feel sick with just the thought of no more nights of me you and our besties (hen and Coke) 

Life is so unfair right now…


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Posted by on February 25, 2016 in Life

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